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Learn to love all being's regardless of race, creed or gender. Share my knowledge with all my brother's into becoming one.


Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Lavender Boy,s - 2

Some dreamy boy,s to make you drool.

What you miss out is gone.

Treat your cock with attention every day. It,s your sacred temple of blissful pleasure.

Be in that moment each day as a ritual to your divine sexual being. Remember there is nothing that give,s more satisfaction than caressing and making love to your cock.

Weather you do it solo or with another to reach your bliss is not a point, as you are always focused more on your own cock than the other,s, for the most part.

Tomorrow isn't there and yesterday has gone by so it,s now that is important.
Weather you ejaculate or not isn’t important, (though I prefer not to cum), as I have lost some sexual energy which carry,s me through the day.

Every time that you are mindful in your life is a process of growth physically and spiritually. It nurture,s you within, creating a more better person for yourself and to the outside world.

So bate brother,s! Make it a point to be special within and worship that beautiful, blissful, erotic phallic temple that you posses. 


Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Spiraling erotic energie,s

Beauty of the male body and mindful masturbation.

Firstly I would like to welcome all to my blog Taotrojan

As the title says it's about the beauty of the male body and the practice of mindful masturbation.

I'm just an ordinary guy and have no credential's on the material that I post, except that I have been meditating most of my adult life and have discovered the wonders that this form of masturbation creates in one's life. Being Bi gives me the joy's of  appreciating how perfect the male body is and a love for the male attributes.

It is imperative that in today's life-style and society, that we look more within ourselves and learn the art of (self love). Be broader and more open in our thinking as to what sex is really all about.

I will cover many divers topic's, some of which are traditional and others a modern approach.

I will post pic's of beautiful male's to see how sublime they are and what nature has created.

I claim no copyright's to any media I post so if I post anyone's material please inform me and I will remove it.

Please look through my labels, especially Mindful Masturbation and Mindful Masturbation technique,s. There is an abundance of information to teach and guide you in the right direction.

Enjoy love and life.


Lavender Boy,s - 1

Some dreamy boy,s to make you drool.