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Monday, March 18, 2019

Some thoughts about the world we are becoming.

Hello, all my wonderful followers and friends.

I will not be posting for two days, as a respect for our fallen fellow brothers and sisters in (Christchurch and Utrecht).

It has shocked me deeply to hear of these two disgusting happenings and my thoughts are with all those family’s who have lost a loved one or has been maimed either physically or mentally for the rest of there lives. 

It is odd, but in the gay world we all except one-another for what they are. Yet in the straight world as they may call it there is a rotting process in action. It gr-eaves me to see this world crumbling due to hate.

Some words from Buddha, of which all mankind can take heed to, and then grow.

Please, as respect, do, read this, even if your beliefs are other than .....

The Four Noble Truths.

First Noble Truth - To Live Means To Suffer

Until the age of 29, Prince Siddhartha (Buddha's real name) was confined to the four walls of the palace by his father. When he first stepped out of the palace, he saw four things which left a deep impact in his tender and naïve mind: a newborn baby, a crippled old man, a sick man and the corpse of a dead man.

The Prince, who had been brought up in the lap of luxury, oblivious to the suffering in the world outside the palace, was deeply perturbed when he saw death, misery, and suffering with his own eyes.

During his meditation, he realized that 'life is suffering.' The reason for this being the fact that human beings are not perfect. Likewise, the world inhabited by them is also ridden with imperfections.

The Buddha realized that during their journey through life, a human being has to endure many sufferings- physical and psychological- in the form of old age, sickness, separation from beloved ones, deprivation, encounters with unpleasant situations and people, lamentation, sorrow, and suffering.

All these misfortunes befall human beings because they are subject to desires and cravings. If they are able to get what they aspire for, they derive pleasure or satisfaction. But this joy or pleasure is also short-lived and does not last too long. If it does tend to last too long, the pleasure associated with it becomes monotonous and fades away.

Second Noble Truth - The Origin Of Suffering Is Attachment

The second noble truth tells us that the root of all suffering is an attachment. To avoid suffering, we need to understand what causes suffering and then weeding out these causes from our lives.

According to Buddha, the basic cause of suffering is "the attachment to the desire to have (craving) and the desire not to have (aversion)".

All of us have desires and cravings. Since we cannot satisfy ALL our desires and cravings, we get disturbed and angry, which is but another manifestation of suffering.

The same holds good for people who are over ambitious and seek too much. As they achieve what they desire, they get lustful and want more of it. And so the vicious circle continues.

The other problem pointed out by Buddha here, which is very pertinent, is that denying desire (or depriving oneself) is like denying life itself. A person, he said, has to rise above attachments and for that, he need not deprive himself. The problem arises when he does not know where to put an end to his desires. And when he yields into his desires, he becomes a slave to them.

Third Noble Truth - The Cessation Of Suffering Is Attainable

Buddha stated that to put an end to suffering, we need to control our desires or practice non-attachment. This may sound difficult but can be achieved through diligent practice.

This liberation from attachment and sorrow frees the mind of all troubles and worries. The attainment of this liberation is called "Nirvana" in Sanskrit and "Satori" in Japanese.

Fourth Noble Truth - The Path To The Cessation Of Suffering

Buddha says that salvation (Nirvana/Satori) is a condition that can be attained by leading a balanced life. And to lead a balanced life, one needs to follow the Eightfold path which is a 'gradual path of self-improvement.'

Do you now see what I mean!!!

Thank you all.


Sunday, March 17, 2019

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Here's Why Masturbation Counts As Meditation, Even If You Don't Climax, According To Experts


Solo sex isn’t talked about enough for a number of reasons — some of them valid, some of them ridiculous. Not everyone is comfortable discussing masturbation, and that’s OK, but many people grow up thinking that exploring their sexuality in this way is some form of taboo, and that’s not OK. There is absolutely no shame in finding what feels good, or loving on yourself if that’s what you’re into. In fact, some experts would argue that masturbation counts as meditation, something to practice not just with the intention to climax, but also with the resolution to relax and get to know your body on a deeper level. There’s nothing taboo about that if you ask me, but there are a ton of health benefits you can reap from it, if you’re interested.

Now that I have your attention, before diving into the concept of masturbation as meditation, it’s important to note that, lately, meditation has become a kind of catch-all phrase that encompasses any activity to calm your mind by focusing on your breathing, an inspirational mantra, or “some other object of our attention,” Patricia Karpas, co-founder of Meditation Studio and head of content for Muse and Meditation Studio, told Elite Daily back in December 2018.

In other words, when you think of meditation, you might automatically envision complete stillness, someone sitting cross-legged on a yoga mat with their hands resting on the thighs, clothed in designer athleisure pants. But this is just one version of meditation; mindfulness can come from jogging at a steady pace or writing in a notebook, and yes, masturbation can be a form of meditation, too.

To draw a parallel, think about one of the most popular forms of meditation there is body-scanning. A body-scanning practice requires you to put all your focus and awareness into your body. By closing your eyes and noticing what feels good, what areas feel tense, and all the physical sensations you might be experiencing, Karpas told Elite Daily, the goal is to take yourself out of your thinking mind, and hone in on the physical body. Masturbation is pretty similar, in that the focus is on identifying those delicious physical sensations, and exploring yourself on a deeper, more intimate level.

In an interview with Elite Daily, CalExotics’ resident sexologist, Dr. Jill McDevitt, tells me she considers herself a “bit of a purist” when it comes to meditation, in that she believes the primary goal of the practice is to become present without judgment. As a result, she recommends masturbation to clients who struggle with being more present in life — think high anxiety, racing thoughts — and suggests meditation to clients who have trouble orgasming.

“When masturbating, be attentive to the specific area where you're touching, the rhythm, the pressure” McDevitt says, adding that, just like meditation, “the benefits [of masturbating] come from approaching the practice with curiosity, a beginner's mind, gratitude, etc.,” so it’s important to catch yourself if you notice you're going on autopilot (aka a sign of not being present, according to the sexologist).

Although sexual pleasure is an obvious perk, masturbation counts as meditation for the stress-relieving, as well as physical health benefits it provides. “Pleasure is a muscle, and we need to exercise that muscle to stay in shape,” Stella Harris, Juicebox sex coach and author of the book Tongue Tied, tells Elite Daily, adding that using masturbation as a means to experience pleasure is a “wonderful way to prioritize your self-care.”

When you think of it that way, masturbation almost sounds like a miracle worker, doesn’t it? It’s not magic, though. According to MysteryVibe's sex expert, Dominique Karetsos, it’s pure science. “Your body releases endorphins during masturbation, which interact with receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain,” which, Karetsos explains, is why muscle tension decreases during masturbation, and you experience an overall positive body high.

The physical high and mental ease that masturbation can provide in times of stress are definitely worth exploring when you need them most, but Karetsos says masturbation as meditation should be incorporated into your regular wellness routine. "Masturbation isn’t only a response to your body’s illnesses," she explains. "Learning to incorporate masturbation as one of your healthy habits, not only when you’re stressed or can’t sleep, is part of living a well-balanced life."

Now, since solo sex isn’t always talked about or taught, don’t feel embarrassed if you’ve never practiced masturbating before. It’s never too late to learn about or explore your body, and with the benefits ranging from sexual pleasure to stress relief, IMO, there’s no reason not to experiment. So, if you’re interested in trying masturbation as a form of meditation, but you don’t quite know where to begin, I asked health and sexuality writer, August McLaughlin.

To begin, McLaughlin tells me the most important thing to remember is that it's OK to be a beginner, so give yourself full permission to learn. After acceptance comes commitment: McLaughlin suggests prioritizing this time for yourself "as you would any important self-care practice, such as your yoga classes or doctor's appointments." If you want, you can also ~set the mood~ by lighting a candle, putting on your favorite music, or drawing a warm, sudsy bath, says McLaughlin.

As for toys, McLaughlin advises beginners to skip the high-tech ones until you feel more comfortable with the basics. The goal isn't to beeline toward orgasm early on, she tells Elite Daily. Instead, take the time to really get to know your body — and not just your genitals, BTW. "Trace your hands over other intimate parts of your body, such as your nipples and inner thighs. If orgasm happens, great! But there's no competition, and self-criticism won't help," McLaughlin explains.

Keep in mind that, if you aren't used to being this intimate with your own body, the practice might feel a little intimidating or awkward at first, but that's totally normal. When you start feeling self-conscious, McLaughlin suggests playing sensual music, reading erotica, incorporating breathing exercises into your practice, or even sitting down to journal about your feelings toward solo play. "Prioritizing your own pleasure can be a very self-strengthening thing," she says. "It's like the oxygen mask adage: Take care of yourself first."

Friday, March 15, 2019

Orgasmic Breathing

By Courtney Avery

Breathe in. Breathe out. Breath is everything, and when you practice awareness of this powerful life force, you gradually gain knowledge and experience of how to use your breath as a tool for relaxation, healing and of course…. enhanced pleasure!

Orgasm & Breath

Your breath is an essential aspect of your orgasm. Your muscles tense up around your sexual climax and then release. While a certain amount of tension is necessary to experience an orgasm, relaxing these muscles brings a whole new sensation. Have you ever felt sinus pressure, ringing in your ears, or just general pressure in your head after an orgasm? I sure have. This phenomenon occurs when you hold your breath and tense your muscles to experience an orgasm. 

During my yogic studies, I learned that holding your breath and bearing down during an orgasmic experience is extremely common. We naturally do this to assist with pelvic floor muscle tension to send us over the edge. But if we do this too much, we are trying too hard. When you bear down and strain your muscles to try hard to orgasm, your entire body tenses and you naturally hold your breath because your diaphragm is also strained. Of course, there is nothing wrong with this approach. If you’d like to experiment with a different sensation that can travel through the entire body, try this technique when you are bringing yourself to orgasm:

Open your mouth and take deep belly breaths as you feel pleasure building.

When you feel yourself getting closer to climax, continue to pulse the pelvic floor muscles while breathing deeper and faster to stop your diaphragm from tensing and keep the rest of your muscles soft.

When your orgasm begins, try your best to continue the breath and relax your entire body into it. It may feel counterintuitive at first, and the urge to bear down is real, but try to come back to that open mouth belly breathing and keep relaxing through it.

This allows the waves of sensation to travel through the nerves in your entire body so you experience a full-body orgasm. It’s all about the breath, my babes!

Breath and Energy

In yogic philosophy, we use the Sanskrit word prana quite often. There are many ways to interpret the meaning of prana. One definition translates as, “life force” and another as “breath,” with “pra” meaning movement and “an” meaning constant. 

Yoga is made up of eight practices, one of which is pranayama, the term for controlling the breath (prana = breath or life force energy and yama = control). When pranayama is combined with another yogic practice, like asana (or physical postures), the effects are powerfully felt physically and energetically. You may have experienced these grounding sensations at a yoga class when your instructor paired poses that lengthen or expand your body with an inhale, and with the opposite movement of compression, exhale. Whether you’re combining breath and poses, or just doing pranayama alone, the practice can have a transformative impact on the energetic body. The energetic body is comprised of seven energy centers, commonly known as “chakras,” that span from the top of our head to the base of our pelvis. The Sex Ed will be featuring essays on other yogic principles like the energetic body and chakras in future, so for our purposes, think of the energetic body as a web of interactions between your energy centers. 

Whether or not you are open to the idea of energy, breath is a scientifically proven method to help bring the body into an optimal state of being in the parasympathetic nervous system, or “rest and digest mode.” Try these techniques at home with an open mind and a relaxed body:

Orgasmic Breath

My favorite pranayama technique to teach is “Orgasmic Breath,” also known as a sushumna nadi pranayama. It essentially pulls energy from the base of your pelvis (where your sexual energy sits) up through the rest of your energy centers along the spine, filling you with life force.

The benefit of this form of pranayama is that you will work the physical muscles of the pelvic floor while bringing the rest of the body into the exercise physically and energetically. Like any breathwork technique, it focuses your mind on the breath and the physical body to concentrate the mind on something tangible in order to reach a meditative, or orgasmic state. The more you practice meditation, the more you train your brain to come into an orgasmic state. When you add the physical muscles and breath (energy) work into your sex life, magic happens. The potential to bring yourself into an orgasm with only the breath and muscle engagement becomes possible!

Orgasmic Breath Step-By-Step

Find a comfortable seat, be sure to sit upright, and take a regular deep breath in and out to prepare.

With your next inhale, purse your lips like you were sipping through a straw. This allows you to control the air as it comes in.

Sip air slowly in, and engage your PC muscles at the very bottom, like you are stopping a stream of pee. Avoid the urge to clench your glutes.

Continue to sip air in and imagine you are zipping up the muscles around the energy that is lifting through the spine, keeping them engaged as you go.

Pull in your lower abdominal muscles.

Suck in your belly button.

Draw your shoulders back and widen your collarbones.

Tuck your chin in and lengthen the back of your neck, looking down gently.

Once you are full of air, seal the lips and hold your breath with all muscles along the spine are engaged.

When you’re ready to release, open your mouth slightly and imagine energy pouring from the crown of the head, down the front of the body, now softening each muscle group on its way down…

Relax the neck.

Relax the shoulders.

Let your belly hang out.

Rest your lower abdominal muscles.

Lastly, release the PC muscles completely and surrender. Repeat up to 13 times. Imagine your backbone filling with energy and coming into balance as you continue to move the breath (prana/energy/life force) with your muscle engagement.

When you are done, BE SURE TO RELAX and breathe normally for a few breaths while remaining in a state of surrender.

Optional: You may want to move your hands out in front of you, up and down with the breath as a tangible guide to trace the energy and muscle engagement as it moves. Some people prefer this, others find it distracting when it comes to engaging and relaxing the shoulders. Try both and see what you like.

This breathwork is great to add to a practice to strengthen the muscles in the pelvic floor, to awaken stagnant energy in the body, and to help come into a meditative state. I try to do this each morning as a way to feel centered, strong, and confident in my sexual energy.

Frog Pose to Energize the Legs

This is a pranayama technique with a yogic pose that’s focused on the legs. Take the modification if you have sensitive knees. This breath helps to realign your sexual energy, bringing it up through the spine and chakra system, using gravity to assist the rise of energy.

Squat down, standing on your toes with your feet a few inches off the ground, heels touching. Your feet will make a V-shape and your knees are in a wide V.

Keep your fingertips on the ground in front of you, between your legs.

Inhale strongly through your nose while lifting your hips up, straightening your legs, and keep your head down facing your knees now.

Exhale strongly through your nose and sink your hips back down into the squat.

For the full-routine, repeat this 26 times of the up and down.

To finish, stay in the squat and apply mula bandha (squeeze your PC muscles) with your inhale and hold it for 3 seconds. Then completely release with the exhale and relax.


If you are new to this, try it 11 times, and work your way up.

If you have sensitive knees, do not squat all the way down, keep your hips as high as you need them to avoid any knee pain

Synced Partner Breathing

This is essential when you need to take a few grounding breaths on your own to come back to your own body after a long, stressful day. Doing this breath with your partner before any act of intimacy, or really any moment, will help your sexual energies to align, dance and fill each other up.

Face each other and make sure your bodies are connected somehow: hold hands, touch foreheads, hold each other in a hug, or even press your backs toward one another while seated or standing. You can also do this lying down, embracing.

Clear your breath with an exhale to let everything out.

Slowly inhale together, filling the lungs and belly all the way up, until you are both full.

Pause together at the top of the breath, feeling full of air, life, and love.

Slowly exhale together, becoming completely empty.

Pause together at the bottom of the exhale and feel safe within this emptiness.

Slowly fill back up together with the inhale.

As you breathe, imagine your energy centers filling up one by one, igniting each other with energy.

Repeat as necessary. You can even try to continue your breath into your lovemaking and see how this calm, steady, in-sync breath affects your intimacy. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Just a friend - 1 from 3

Part 1 – Just a Friend to See Me?

One early Saturday morning, not even 6 am, my cell phone starts ringing out in the kitchen. I slowly get out of bed, thinking someone must be stuck in the ditch or in jail. I’m just one of those nice guys people call when they need help.

I first just looked to see who it was, odd it’s Jeff, a friend who I haven’t talked to in weeks or months. He’s a 22-year-old friend that just had a bad divorce. His wife had started seeing some other guy or something like that.

I answer it and he tells me he’s right now sitting in my driveway and just needs someone to talk too. I tell him I’m in bed and if he can he wait a minute or two? He then asked if I could just open the garage door and to please jump back in bed, he’ll let himself in and feel better if he doesn’t bug me too much.

I did what he asked, I reached out the door, pushed the garage door button and ran and jumped back in bed. I can hear the garage door kicking in and then going back down. I then hear him coming in. He calls my name and heads for the bedroom. I must say, he did sound like he’d been crying. To show everything’s OK, I sort of laugh and said how I won’t mind getting up and to get dressed. He then said again how he just needs somebody to talk too.

With only the kitchen light on, I can just see his silhouette in the bedroom doorway. He tells me how cold it is in my house. (I then want to tell him how warm it is in my bed) But fuck, then he asks, if HE can get under the covers with me, without freaking me out? I just say… “No big deal to me, jump in if you want too”

Next is almost the best part, I just lay there and watched his silhouette in my bedroom doorway, as he gets undressed. (Boy, he is well built) He pretty much takes off everything but his underwear and then runs and jumps in bed next to me.

He is so good-looking, perfect six-pack abs, awesome blonde hair, and nice arms! Now, I’m just an everyday looking 18-year-old guy and pretty much the “in the closet type” and this can’t be at all happening, but it was!

We both just lie there looking up at the ceiling. He then tells me how things were going and how lonely he’s been since his wife left him. He goes on about how he thinks of me a lot lately and how he knows I have no one. He then asked me again if I was sure all this shit was all right? I told him again it’s no big deal.

We pretty much just lied there silent, then, after what seemed like forever. I then (to make conversation) just said something about the cold weather and he just blurts out “are you thinking about anything else, with me here next to you”? I sort of then tripped over my words and said, “How can I not think about it”?

Then without saying anything, he picked up my hand under the covers and set down on his groin, even with his underwear there, I could feel he was already getting rock hard. All this, of course, made me hard instantly! I then just left him in charge. (He was the ex-married hetero).

He started stroking me through my underwear and so I did the same to him. Not a word was said. He then put his hand in my draws, which again I did the same to him. We stroked one another then for a minute or two. (I was getting kind of worried I’d lose it right away). Then he stopped and grabbed his draws and pulled them down, tossed them on the floor. Again, I did the same.

As soon as I had them off he leaned over and started to suck me off, it was only a short time (with me being so fuck’n horny) and him moaning, I then said, “I’m going to lose it”!!! He then just started going faster and faster and then even he started moaning more too. With that, I then knew he wanted it in him, so I let it go. He continued to suck for quite some time, this all surprised me due to again him being straight.

I then leaned over to him and started in sucking him off. Then something made me feel really good, he lost it right-away, almost faster than I did! I then just kept going till every drop was out of him.

Next it kind of surprised me again, he started to cry, at first what I thought was maybe embarrassment, but it turned out to be satisfaction. He said he’s been so hard up and so horny for weeks and had no one. He then thanked me over and over again.

He now is still searching for a girlfriend, but I believe he’ll need some “help” from me again soon ;)

Monday, March 11, 2019

Tribute to Erotic Artists - Erotic Artists of Photography

Beautiful creativity.

Vivid in there imagination.

Male Orgasms

The description of a male climax and a volcanic eruption are almost interchangeable–an energetic discharge of tension and hot material expelled with force from deep within.

According to Masters and Johnson’s four-phase model, the orgasm is a short climatic phase of the sexual response cycle. With a male orgasm, muscles involuntarily contract as heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure rise. Repeated contractions occur at the base of the penis as semen is ejaculated.

Elixir of Life

Statistics from the World Health Organization state that the average male produces 1.5 to 5 milliliters of semen at each ejaculation. Semen is chock full of amazing health benefits, given that sperm only comprises 3 percent of semen, while the rest of the fluid is comprised of 200 separate proteins. Semen is rich in vitamins and minerals, including calcium, magnesium, vitamins B12 and C, zinc, potassium and more. According to research by The Artic University of Norway (UiT), Spermine, a compound found in sperm, contains potent anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory agents. Research by Gordon Gallup and Rebecca Burch (State University of New York at Albany) and psychologist Steven Platek (University of Liverpool) concluded that semen, and with it sperm, provides mood-elevating estrone and oxytocin, affection-promoting cortisol, sleep-inducing melatonin, and antidepressant qualities.

There is even a semen recipe book, Natural Harvest: A collection of semen-based recipes, that touts the health benefits of ingesting semen. Watch out turmeric, kale and coconut water— a new superfood is on the market!

Many Taoists during the Han dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD) of China believed that the loss of semen led to the loss of their vital life force. While some Taoists pledged to never ejaculate, others created specific sexual practices to extend the period between their orgasm and ejaculation. Some of these ancient methods are still used today.

Are orgasms and ejaculation the same or different?

Studies by Benjamin Breyer of the University of California, San Francisco, found male orgasms and ejaculation are two separate physiological processes. Orgasm is experienced first as a sexual pleasure peak, followed by the ejaculation of semen.

How can men develop stronger orgasms? 

For better orgasms, focus on your penis and the pleasurable sensations it is experiencing. In Orgasms: Part 1, I shared that the brain is your biggest sexual organ as it is where your sex drive stems from. If your brain and mind are fully engaged in the act of orgasming, you will have a stronger, more intense orgasm.

Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles, specifically, your pubococcygeus muscle which contracts rhythmically during orgasm will help improve the intensity of climaxes and create stronger orgasmic contractions.

Pelvic floor muscles are the layer of muscles that support abdominal and pelvic organs. If you squeeze your pelvic muscles to stop your urine mid-stream, you’ve isolated your pelvic floor muscles. Squeezing this pubococcygeus muscle can also make your penis bounce. Making these muscles stronger allows for greater control of your orgasms.

To exercise, squeeze these muscles, holding tight for 2-3 few seconds and release. Repeat 10-20 times in a row up to three times each day. For maximum results, these exercises should be done on a regular basis.

Try edging. Edging is a form of orgasm control. Also called peaking or surging, the technique is used to bring yourself to the edge of your climax… and then stop without ejaculating. Try masturbating for 20-30 minutes without ejaculation. Control your breathing and take deep breaths. Allow your arousal to subside each time. Edging also allows you to feel when you’re close to climaxing and experience fully each sensation that arises close to your peak. This aids you during partner sex by allowing you to maintain your erection for a longer period of time.

The longer you can delay having an orgasm, the stronger the physical sensations will be when the climax is reached. Edging will not only help a man prolong his sex play, but will also lead to stronger, more satisfying orgasms.

Enjoy more penetrative sex. According to studies by Professor Stuart Brody, Ph.D., the body releases 400% more of the hormone prolactin, which the International Society for Sexual Medicine states regulates sexual satisfaction, following vaginal penetration than it does after masturbation. Although this study focused only on vaginal penetration, penetrative sex can include anal play and sex toys. When you do finally allow yourself to orgasm after practicing edging, the experience will be incredibly powerful.

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Narrabean Fitness Camp

By Taotrojan

The site was originally called the Narrabeen Lakes Centre, later the Narrabeen Fitness Centre and renamed the NSW Academy of Sport in 1988.

Finally, it was so far. My first time at the Narrabeen Fitness Camp. And so also for a few of my closest school mate’s. We were all young boys of the ages of ten to 13, I and my mates being the oldest age. We didn’t know what to expect at the camp, as it wasn’t explained to us in any form. Had an idea of having to do sports all day, and only that, being a fitness camp. But! We were in for a great surprise. A week-long was our stay there. No more than an hour’s drive on the bus, from Bowmans Transport, who also drove the school buses and other services. We were all quite lively singing songs and making a ruckus, as we couldn't sit still for too long. That was what boys did at that age. Talked about things like, did you see Mary’s under-slip when she fell over in the bus. I saw Johns cock hard last week, gee it was big. All that sort of jargon was our top point of discussion.

I mostly hung around with my two best mates. Simo, named after his sire-name being Simpson. Actually, he was really called Wayne, but for us just Simo. He was a dark haired boy of normal build. Always followed us around and let us make all the decisions. A real easy going kind of a guy. Then there is Ray. He was a blond curly headed boy and as smooth as a baby, as far as hair was concerned. Wayne and I already had hair on our legs and for myself was starting to grow a decent bush of hair around my cock. Maybe Ray had that there like us, I presumed but didn’t know for sure. He was a more dominant type, and the girls loved him as he was gorgeous to look at. A real football type of hero guy.

As for the rest of our bro’s, there were about four other guys, whom, you could say was part of our gang that was always together.

Finally arriving at the Centre the bus parked in front of the entrance to the site. Was about a ten-minute walk to the boy's barracks. Where we would be staying for the week. 

Entering the first barrack and carrying our bags over our shoulders, we split up in two rows in the back room. It was nice as we were all six of us together. Placing our bags on the bunks to claim a bed was our way of saying, this one is mine. Being double bunks, I chose to sleep up top. Wayne under me and Ray across from us on the bottom bunk. Having done all that we were called to assemble outside. We were told that today we would go for a walk to Seven Mile Reef, half an hours walk from the Centre. We would be going to look for fossils and such in that area, as it was all shale stone. Our teacher told us to all go and get changed in some loose clothing, appropriate for the walk and sea. Swimming was not allowed as it was a dangerous area for swimmers.

We had quickly unpacked our things from our bags and proceeded to get changed in more fitting clothing for our excursion. There we were, all standing in our white under briefs and top naked. They were the only type of underwear at that time. Al having a fly where you could pull your cock through to have a piss. Not like the diversity of now with all the top brands etc. Simo’s body was lean and gorgeous and having dark hairy legs. Ray, on the other hand, was completely smooth from top to toe.

Having the excursion behind us we then returned to the center to get changed once more for a swim in the pool. It was a nice feeling, all those naked boys, showing there cocks for all to see. Now it was speedo time. Yes, speedo’s were also the only swimmers of that time. Lovely flat tummies and gorgeous bulges under the speedos. You could always see the cut boys from the uncut. Often a guy would crack a boner and we would all stare at him and point at his hard on to make him blush. Often a guy would flop his cock out for the show, as he dove into the water. Even sometimes throwing there speedo’s in the air, once in the pool. It was total fun.

It was a cool day so far and is just the first day.

Having had our meals and having to help with washing the dishes and such we were entertained by some folk singers. We would all join in and have a great time together.

At the center, bedtime was ten thirty. All doing our teeth, having a piss and washing up we hit the sack. Lights out. A small ray of light from outside slightly lit up the inside of the room. No one wore pajamas, we all slept in our white slips. It was silent for about ten minutes until one guy mentioned the fact that he had girlfriend and had fingered her for the first time. Of course, that was a topic to be exploited by us all. We started sharing the fact about having a boner. You could see some guys with there hands on there cocks under the sheets. Simo gave us a peak of his cock, so we all followed suit, and started flashing our cocks proudly to each other. Having all done that it went quiet, as we all wanted to jack, off but keep it to ourselves. You could hear the bed sheets making a ruffling sound as each boy pulled his cock. Often panting as some guys really had to jerk hard to blow off. Waking in the morning we all more or less waited for our morning boners to subside before getting out of bed. It was fairly noticeable on our bed sheets what had gone down that first night under them. Nearly every boy's bed had some form of cum stain on it. Incredible, I thought to myself, of how much cum was shot out that night.

We were told by our teacher to hit the showers and then report to the meal room for breakfast.

We were about twenty boys, all naked together in the open showers. We would flop our cocks around and flick each other on the but to tease each other. Ray got a boner and started pissing on us so we did the same in return. There were about six guys all pissing over Ray as he protested to this overwhelming action, that he had started.

Seeing Ray standing there with a boner was great. Having a tight cut and poking straight up was so cool to see. He had a beautiful tan except for where his speedos were. That being white. A nice grown bush over his cock and his balls were trimmed smooth. Wow, a god before us. Simo also a black bush over his cock and balls. His cock was not very big but he had a lovely perfect formed mushroom head that was a bright purple. Eventually, we finished washing and got dried up, ready to go and eat. I thought to my self, this is going to be a great week, having showers like this and whacking off every night in bed together. So much sex energy together. Incredible.

Our day was planned to be a busy one. Mostly playing sports and going for excursions at the reef and nearby forest area. It was cool to be together with all these boys having a lot of fun.

That evening after dinner we hit the showers again. It was a boners paradise seeing, all that hard cock around you. We all turned each other on. Didn’t have much time as we had to be present for the evening's agenda. It was fairly boring as it went over animals and the reef and what it all meant. Simo then said to me. (Let's sneak out and go for a shower again, nice and warm there). I  then got a half hard on and replied. (yeah, lets). We spread the word to our own gang and sneaked out of the room. Went to our bunks and got our towels and ran to the showers.

Once there we all got naked and enjoyed the hot water on our body’s. Ray stated that he felt so horny now. My cock grew in an instant, at him saying that. Simo already had his hand over his cock head, as he looked at our boners. 

The other guys brought themselves closer to us, to let us see their cocks. It was awesome. There must have been about twenty-eight inches of cock present, at that moment. We compared cocks with each other. The uncut guys skinned back, or not, or just skinning, back to give us a look. Who had the biggest cock? Were you manicured, shaved? It was great being so open with each other.

Sometimes one guy would jump on your back and ride you around. So horny feeling his balls and cock against you.

.Simo said, (I’m so horny guys, I’m gonna shoot my load of now). He then started rhythmically working his rod. You could hear a soft sound as his hand went over his swollen knob, it was such a turn on. I then followed pulling my foreskin back and forth over my head. This was fantastic, Jacking off like this, as bros.

All of a sudden all the guys were in a circle and all close together. Seven fat swollen cocks were now all pointing to the middle and at each other. I loved this, so much energy came loose here among us. All that cock just there in front of you and beside you, being worked on by its owner. 

Simo exclaimed, (I’m gonna blow). Blow he did. It shot up high, up to his chest height, and landed on the floor between and over his feet. Fantastic seeing your mate cum like that for the first time. Two other guys then shot off, hitting me on my leg and Simo on his tummy. After that, the rest started blowing it all over the place. There was so much jizz around and on us, unbelievable.

We had a ball together, me and my cock craving bros, at the Fitness center. My we were fit I do say. All that fun with our cocks.

The following days we devised shoot competitions to see who could shoot the furthest. Or who could crack a boner the quickest?

It was the last day at the center so we decided to do something different this time. We made a pact not to tell of it though, as we were supposed to be straight boys.

We would fap each other's cock off this time. We stood in two close rows of four boys, across from each other. Also in each row close to each other, and grabbed the cock next to you. It was something so new to us, yet we all totally enjoyed it. We timed it so that we would all cum at the same time thus having one big explosion of jizz, spurting out of our cocks. Damn it was hot. One guy would say slower, as not to cum early. Another would say harder as to reach his point quicker. 

All of a sudden, we all knew, that it was time to let the cum flow, and flow it did. It was one continuous big moan, as we all blew off together. Each bro was covered with the opposite guy's seed. It was running down our legs and tummy, as we worked the last drops of fun-loving cum, out of our now subsiding cocks.

We all got cleaned up and got dressed as we had to leave that morning to go back home.

In the bus we talked softly together about the week gone by and revered the thought of going back again the next year, being the last time as we had to step over to the high school. Maybe even being split up as we lived in different areas.

One thing for sure! This was a week that we will never forget as friends. 

Week of joint cock pleasure, an educational, and ejaculationale week of bliss, for eight horny boys at the fitness Camp.

The End

Friday, March 8, 2019

Phallic Bliss - Part 5

The Phallus must be worshiped. It must be seen as the sublime of man. From it’s flaccid state, where it finds it’s place above the scrotum, to the engorged state, of status. Displaying its need for attention. Let us here revere our manhood, and be awed by our beautiful jewel, of Phallic beauty. Our sublime pleasure zone of lustful joy. Giving every male his right to use, to the utmost level, of erotic, sexual, bliss.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

A Fine Collection of Boys.

A collection of beautiful boys, that nature has provided.

Rock hard boys loving giving a show.

Cute and very sexy.

Deliciously handsome and working hard on their boners.

Hanging beautifully under a gorgeous torso.

An uncut jewel of splendor. Very nice indeed.

To worship his cock, and enjoy the pleasure of it.

The beauty of the beast and their phallic jewels.

The touching of two cocks is so erotically charged.

 As is this one.

Two Oriental Adonis at play.


Hanging good.