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Saturday, July 11, 2020

What is Self Love?

We often read or hear about the matter of loving oneself, and how important it is to perceive this within yourself. There are meditations to discover it, philosophy’s about it. 

But what is it actually? Why, must we love ourselves? What’s the purpose behind all this self loving?

I think to discover the true reason for this, we have to go back to the basics of life.

We as living biological creatures have two main entity’s. That is your body, and your mind. In actual fact your body is not you! You are an energy form. That energy form is the mind, and soul, if you would like to see it in a broader sense. This is the real you! It’s the stuff that makes you, what you are. It makes all your decisions and controls all your body functions to a T.

Your body itself is but a mere biological machine, that transports you from A to B to be able to get food and get you out of danger in order to survive. Also it is used to be able to create new life. Very basic actually. In order to achieve all this, the mind must be able to use the body in every way possible, so as to be able to get these things done. That means that we must be able to feel things with our body. Thus we have a nervous system that allows these things to be possible. All the time the mind is being fed information so that it knows what to do.

In simple form, as long as the mind gets what it wants , it is happy. If not, it will use the body to get that happy feeling. Still simple hey!

If we don’t have feelings, then we cannot achieve what the mind wants. Lets look at Physical attraction. Why have this? Just look at yourself. If you see another person that you like, and are attracted to them, it creates good feelings in you. It makes you approach another so as to be able to be with them. This in turn go’s further as your sexual drive is stimulated and makes you intimate with that person. This creating a physical and mental bond. It’s a mixture of chemical happenings that your mind uses to activate glands in the body and thus enter the realm of sexual play.

To do this the body must be able to act in a certain way so as to be able to achieve these things. Remember that your greatest sex organ, is your MIND! The rest is up to all the nerves to send the right messages to the mind, giving you an erection and finally the grand supreme, Orgasm. You share this with your partner, if the same sex, or create new life, through this action. Its the highest form of feeling good that exists in the mind.

This all starts with you! Its that feeling good, that your mind does to your body, to get that high. Its not about the outer shell that must feel good, no. Its the mind that must get this kick.

When you play with yourself, you are being sent by the mind to create a good feeling. This feeling is so positive and pure. There are no negativity’s here. The mind knows this! Even if you are not happy with your outer physical appearance, your sexual energy still pleases you when you are stimulated.

You can stimulate another to create a union, and he to you. This feeling good thing, starts in you, and is then emulated out to another.

So you now see, that self love is within all of us. Its the stuff of life. Its looking further than what you see in the reflection, in your mirror. Its knowing that you can feel good inside, as we all want in our lives. To know that you can feel good for another, as you feel for you. I don’t see it as mystical, I see it as a fantastic biological happening. 

We humans have a great need to be with other humans. This makes our minds feel good. Thus if we make another feel good, we get that back in return. Full circle!

Physical attraction is needing to feel good. Empathy for all is sharing that love, regardless of what the others outer shell/body does or is. He too wants this good feeling. Its a human condition.

So you now see, that self love is not so far from your understanding. Our mind wants peace, and it is achieved through love. Love is the word we use, for just plain feeling good. Its not difficult! Just feel within you, and then contemplate the thought that we all want this feeling.

Without the sensations of love we cannot bond with each other. Cannot have family structure as you provide and protect your friends, family or children. It all starts with yourself! An understanding of need of feeling good. For you and for all.

May you all be well, at peace and be kind to yourself and others.



Refreshing Beauty of Youth

Sunday, July 5, 2020

All Lives Matter

Our world is going through some tough times at the moment. First, we have the Corona Virus, and now the worldwide movement, Black Lives Matter.

Both are changing the world in which we live. It is as if Corona has ignited a flame, that was an ember for so long. Both are a virus! One can be treated eventually with medicine. However the other must be treated with empathy. This is an ingredient of humans that is for the greater part not practiced enough. It’s about one thing only! That’s LOVE!!

Love is accepting everything that’s different than yourself. It’s also about loving yourself!

Black Lives Matter hopefully will wake up all the world, for them to see that we are all the same. We are Human Beings! It amazes me that for the greater part LGBT accepts all kinds of beliefs, cultures, and ideologies. A union among-st each other, without judgment.

So it is that All Lives Matter, no matter what ethnic culture you come from.

I myself come from European descent. Am ashamed at what the western world has done, world wide. To achieve wealth and power overall.

I see the beauty in every human being, especially guys. In my opinion, dark people are beautiful. Their bodies being more athletic, there skin and hair having a healthy shine. Their teeth are whiter and their eyes are usually clearer than ours.

I love dark boys for what they are.

You can't tell me that these two are not beautiful!!

Or this young fellow! Look at that cute face!

He turns you on doesn't he? Like the other two. This guy is pure beauty.

We all accept it here in our blogs, the beauty that they posses. Why cant the rest see this.

And so it is with every other culture, all having there own beautiful attributes.

As I have said before, we all posses LGBT traits to some degree. It’s a part of our human nature, we are sexual beings. For those of us who have accepted this within themself, are truly the enlightened ones. We do not judge as to color or creed. We look at the body as a temple, to be worshiped. To share the love that we have for the other, and not to misuse them. As the atrocities that were committed in the past, and at present. 

So yes Corona is a bad thing, and we don’t like being confronted with the bad from our past ancestors. But!! Maybe the world will become a better place, when this is all talked out. As John Lennon said in his song Imagine. (And the world, will be a better Place).

Thank you for your time. In such an important epic of mankind.

May you all be well, at peace, and be kind to yourself ,and others.

Love Toatrojan

How the Beauty of Nature-helps us Realize our True Nature

When we talk of existence, only what is natural comes to our mind. Nature is existence. In the midst of nature we can experience our own nature, that which is whole, complete and total. A walk in nature teaches us so many lessons we need to learn and unlearn. The trees standing tall, with leaves swaying in the wind, can teach us determination.

 Quietly, as if watching with intensity, the happenings of the day. Not being affected, simply watching. We can learn an important lesson of “witnessing” events, situations as they unfold before us.

The wind moves smoothly between the leaves of the trees. The leaves move gently, happily not affecting the wholesomeness of the trees. Our thoughts can move smoothly within us, not affecting our total being. 

Oneness and a sense of belonging can be learnt from trees standing side by side. Total acceptance of each other, with a non judgmental attitude. Unaffected, yet accommodating. In our lives we are mostly judgmental, non accepting and accommodating seems far fetched. Such as thing’s like, belief, sexual preference’s, gender, nakedness, age, and culture.

Giving, without expecting in return, can be learnt from trees and the shade they give. To everyone, irrespective of colour, caste or creed they only give, unasked. Watching the sun rise amid st nature, reminds us to be warm, bright and giving, with no questions asked.

Nature is wonderment.

When you see parrots and squirrels eating together, unconcerned about rights, you can only wonder.

The greatest miracle is a human. Perfect co-ordination, more perfect than any human made computer. Sexually further as we have emotion, creativity, and a wider scope of sexuality. Just that we have forgotten to appreciate this wonderful piece of equipment and take it for granted.

From a blade of grass to huge trees and foliage of all kinds, existence manifests in full capacity. Every tree, flower, fruit interconnected to the whole, is complete, total and whole. Perfect cyclic representation of perfect existence.

So spend time with nature to re-connect, remember existence, feel whole and be in total awareness and gratitude. Go naked in the outdoors, masturbate with the thought in mind that this is also part of our nature. Share this with others if possible. Truly see your sexuality, whatever it is, as a part of nature. Have more empathy towards others, and to yourself. Be more excepting and open to all, which in return will be given to you.

Nature has given us a very powerful tool; Love. But! We must work with that tool properly, because we all want to be loved in one way or another. Doesn’t have to be romance, no. To be liked, loved or respected, for whom we are. Such as the trees standing side by side.

So when you see your fellow brothers, don’t scrutinize or try to wonder why they are, what they are! Just remember that you are one of them also.