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Monday, October 26, 2020

Flaccid Phallic Beauty

 We are all in awe when we see another's born beauty. To see it in its erect state has an effect on us.

I also see, a true beauty, as it hangs free in its flaccid state. Thinking of its wonderful possibilities as it swells to an erection.

Here are some of these wonders of man.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Seven Best Meditation Techniques - 1 and 2

Hello my fine followers, visitors.

I have been meaning to post this for a while now, but hesitated as to the fact that not all of you are into this topic!

Never the less here it is. Keeping in mind that it can truly help with your efforts in the practice of mindful masturbating.

So practice, perfect, and enjoy these meditations to enrich your lives forever.

I have placed a link under every technique for the actual instructions on each method. Instead of scrolling endlessly on this page. Also a link to the next technique.

Below you will find a list of the best meditations from across the globe, step-by-step details of how to effectively practice these techniques.

One of the most important aspects of meditation is to choose the technique which is right for you. There are literally thousands of different meditation techniques, and finding the one that resonates best with you and is geared towards the goals you are trying to achieve is essential. This guide is designed specifically to help you in that process.

Before I jump ahead though, I would like to mention that the ultimate purpose of any meditation technique is Enlightenment or Self-Realization. That is the final destination. It is just that along the way to this highest pinnacle, meditation bestows a bevy of wonderful “side” benefits and these benefits can vary depending on which meditation technique you choose to do.

Below you will find details on which are the best meditation techniques to do, in order to obtain certain results.


Meditation Technique #1: Zen Meditation Technique – Zazen

Goal: Awareness, Detachment, Peace

This is the undisputed heavyweight in the world of meditation. It is very likely the most widely practiced meditation technique and is perhaps even the face of meditation. The silent Buddha, sitting cross-legged, eyes slightly open, in this world but yet beyond, immersed in a Singularity (or Void) is Zazen.

Zazen is essentially silent, seated meditation, and excellent for a wide range of benefits. If you don’t know which meditation technique to try, this should be your default choice. Zazen will help you develop your ability to remain in the moment, mindful of that which is taking place, and free you from the entanglements of egocentric, dualistic thoughts. It will most certainly help you develop a calm disposition and give you the strength to withstand stressful or upsetting events. In time, this meditation technique will make you wise, give you access to spontaneous joy, and help you develop into a compassionate, loving human being.

Link: Basic Zen Meditation Technique:


Meditation Technique #2: Concentration Meditation Technique – Trataka

Goal: Concentration, Mental Focus

One common myth about meditation is that it is the same as concentration. Really it is not. Concentration is a stepping stone for meditation, but mediation is far more than concentration. In practicing meditation though, one of the clear benefits is a tremendous increase in your powers of concentration and mental focus. Many people are rightly interested in developing this skill, and to do so there is no better meditation technique than Trataka or Candle Flame Gazing. 

In this meditation, you will focus your attention, in a darkened room, on a candle flame and then concentrate on the after image that it leaves behind when you close your eyes. The technique is simple, yet very effective. Along with developing your power of concentration, this meditation technique will also help calm your mind down and give you inner peace and stillness. 

Link: for Trataka – Meditation for Concentration: 


Wednesday, October 21, 2020

A Love Affair

In these times of Social Distancing, and all that goes on in the world, we need a way of coping with ourselves. 

We need to be able to love and be loved, because this is a normal part of life, that has been partially taken from us.

You might not be aware of it, but your lover is always there. He is there whenever you need that feeling of belonging somewhere within. He can give you so much pleasure while you make love to him.

That wonderful beautiful organ between your loins can create a love affair that when you start, you don’t want to stop.

Do some meditation. Create a comfortable area with cushions, music, incense. Light some candles to create a romantic sphere. Make it a place where you would take someone with whom you are going to make love to. Wear loose clothing so as not to be restricted by anything.

As you breathe gently, start to caress yourself allover. Starting with your face and neck. Just imagine it's another you are caressing. 

Now take off your shirt and pay attention to your chest, nipples, and sides. Let all the feelings flow over you as you fall in love with each part. Feel your nipples getting hard as you draw circles around them. Your stomach quiver as you draw circles around that area.

Notice if you are getting hard down below. Be aware of the sensations that are building up here. Take it nice and slow as you continue with your upper body.

Gently start kissing your hands, and arms. Put a finger in your mouth and start sensually sucking it. Put your mind in a mood that you are making love to all that you do. 

When you are ready in yourself, softly rub your jewel area, noticing the hardness under your clothing. Be aware of the position your shaft is in. If uncut, if your foreskin is peeling back slightly. The tightness of your balls. As this is being done, watch your hands, as they are fondling this area. 

Every now and then go back to your upper body as you simultaneously work both places.

Say soft things to yourself. Don’t be shy or feel strange. Words can be very powerful whilst you are pleasuring yourself. Saying things like, oh I love that hard nipple, I love the hardness in you, cock! Fuck I’m so horny. Or, Shawn, I love you. This can build up a lot of energy within. A form of mantra, if you wish. A confirmation of what you feel. 

Now remove your undergarments. Start to caress your thighs and lower legs. With a fingertip softly touching your pubic area. Move your body around as you do this, spreading a good feeling throughout.

Now work around the balls. The sides, and underneath. Look at your dick as its slowly getting harder and harder. See its beauty from a flaccid to the erect wonder, that now stands out from your body. Be aware of its odor, length, and curvature. If it's to one side or not. Just look at it for a while. Knowing the pleasure that is still to come.

Very softly start stroking the length from the base to the head. If uncut, slowly peel it back to reveal your beautiful head. Feel that energy now really building. Keep on softly working over the whole length of your dick. Keep at this to the edge and then stop for a bit, till it subsides, and you start over.

Use some lube over the length, and keep in mind that you are with your lover. Follow your waves of erotic bliss. Spreading them up to your upper body by caressing upwards to your neck. Let yourself be taken away by every convulsion of deep joy within your whole genital area. Breathe it in and up to the top of your crown.

Be aware that you are truly making deep passionate love to your penis, and that in return it is making love to you. For as it stands erect and is oozing of pre-cum, this is no deeper of sensual joy than with another. You are now at the ultimate pinnacle of deep, erotic, sensual emotion.

Now it is up to you to become one, with this beautiful hard perfectly sculptured phallus that you posses. So be visual, make sounds, moan, play with it. Do not cum! Rest a bit, then start over.

Try different positions. Spreading your legs wide, and caressing the inner thighs up towards your balls. Look at your penis as it subsides, letting it find its limp position.

Stop now and meditate again, breathing smoothly and paying attention to all that sexual feel within you. As you breathe slowly bring your thoughts on your genitals. As you breathe in feel this lovely energy moving up your spine and back down the front of the body. Do this several times, then go back to focusing on just the breath, cool air going in through the nostrils, and back out through the nostrils, this time warm air. Do this for about five minutes, then just sit and do nothing. Just being aware of all that you feel in your whole body.

After you have come back down to earth, you can start your love affair all over. Only now take a different approach, never make it a habit of doing the same each time. You wouldn't do that with another person.

Now try these affirmations, these are powerful in implanting feelings in your mind.

Say to yourself: May I be well. May I be at peace. May I be kind to myself, and others.

After having said this, then say in your mind: (Your name)........, I love you, I love your body, You really turn me on, I enjoy making love to you (your name).

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Monday, October 12, 2020

Sexual Meditation

Sexual meditation is a way to heighten awareness of the body to increase pleasure during sex. Regular sexual meditation may help to make sex more enjoyable for you and your partner and it is also a way to deepen your connection. You can learn how to do sexual meditation even if you have never meditated before.

Basic Sexual Meditation

Select a quiet place, free from distractions. Dim the lights in your bedroom or living room and remove any electronic devices, such as phones, televisions, and laptops. Keep the room at a comfortable temperature. If it's too cold or too hot, this might be distracting.

You may also want to set up a couple of cushions on the floor to sit on as you meditate. Set the cushions so they are near each other, but so that there will be a bit of space between you and your partner.

Get comfortable. Get into a position that is comfortable for you and your partner. You can either lie down or sit up with your legs in the lotus position. You and your partner can meditate while wearing something loose and comfortable or while not wearing anything at all if you prefer.

Keep your spine straight, whether you are sitting or lying down, with your arms by your sides. Rest your arms loosely in your lap if you meditate in a seated position.

Keep your chin up and your head aligned with your spine if you are seated.

Close your eyes. When you are ready, you and your partner can close your eyes and start the meditation. Then, try to remain aware of your surroundings at first. Pay attention to your body, your breath, and any sounds that you hear.

Try to ignore intrusive thoughts and simply focus on the present moment. If a thought pops into your head, acknowledge the thought and then let it pass. For example, if you think of something that happened at work, then you might think to yourself, “yes, that happened,” and then picture the thought drifting away.

Focus on your space and breathing. As you meditate, focus on your space and breathing. Take deep, soothing breaths and pay attention to air entering and leaving your body. As you breathe in, pull the air down into your abdomen and imagine stress leaving your body as you exhale.

Try to be aware of yourself and how you feel. Take stock of how the air feels around your body, how all your different body parts feel from your hands to your feet.

Visualize your body. As the meditation starts, visualize your own body. Think about how your body looks inside and out as well as how your body's energy looks. Think about the shapes, colors, and sounds of your current feelings. For example, you might imagine the desire that you are feeling for your partner looks like a red orb.

Focus on your physical sensations. Try to be as aware of your own body and the sensations you're feeling as possible. The goal of sexual meditation is heightened awareness, which can lead to increased sexual arousal.

Focus on your partner. Once you're done visualizing yourself, shift focus to your partner. Try to think about your partner’s body and emotions at this moment.

· Look at your partner. You can open your eyes and look into your partner’s eyes. Make sure that you notice your partner's breathing as well. Glance at the movements of your partner’s body. For example, you might watch your partner’s stomach and chest as they fill with air and then deflate again.

Communicate with your partner without speaking. Try to use your face, hands, and eyes to show your partner what you are feeling. Watch your partner's expressions as well. Try to see what he or she is feeling as well.

Move onto sexual intercourse. After about 20 minutes of sexual meditation, transition into sexual intercourse. If intercourse is more enjoyable after sexual meditation, talk to your partner about doing regular sexual meditations.

Enhancing Your Experience

Play some nature sounds or relaxing music. It can be difficult to concentrate with outside noises, so playing some nature sounds or some music meant to enhance meditation may help you and your partner to relax. Try playing some rain sounds, ocean wave sounds, or some new age music.

Make sure that you choose something that will last long enough to play while you are meditating and having sex.

Try Taoist sexual meditation. Once you've tried basic sexual meditation, try to move on to more complex forms. Taoist sexual meditation is a form of meditation that focuses on you and your partner merging desires.

Matching breaths. You can start Taoist meditation by holding your partner and trying to merge your breathing. That is, match the pace of your inhaling and exhaling so that you and your partner are inhaling and exhaling at the same time. Keep going until you breathe as one.

Hand pulsing. Pulsing is another form of Taoist sexual meditation. Gently open and close your partner's hand or squeeze your partner’s hand using a smooth, gentle rhythm. Your partner can also squeeze your hand.

Include some tantric practices. Tantric sex is a way of using sex to meditate, so incorporating some tantric practices may be enjoyable for you and your partner. Some easy tantric sex practices that you can try are:

Eye gazing. Try to maintain eye contact with your partner while you have sex and as you climax as well.

Alterating breaths. Try to alternate breaths with your partner. For example, you can breathe in as your partner breathes out and vice versa.

You and your partner should begin by meditating together without the pressure of performing. Once you are both able to achieve a relaxed and peaceful state of mind, it is simply a matter of very slowly, while maintaining your meditation state, making gentle contact (holding hands or caressing each other). You will have to experiment to determine what level of contact you are able to initiate while maintaining the proper state of mind. Once you are able to work yourself up to a point where you can achieve penetration while both of you are still meditating, you will want to remain perfectly relaxed, without moving, until you feel as though you have become as one.