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Thursday, February 20, 2020

Art Theo Blaze

I have posted this before but thought to post it again in separate pics. This guy is so good at his art.

The blond boy looks in expectation of what his bro is going to do with his jewel. It really tells the story well.

So erotically charged! All looking one another over as their cocks get harder and more erotic in the mood. A perfect picture of one's desires and fantasies.

Enslaved. In waiting, to be used by there captor.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

My New Index Page

Hey, my fellow bloggers and followers.

I want to welcome you all to my new Index Page called FapVids.

Here you will be able to view all the vids that I will be posting now and in the future.

I hope you all get off on them.

Love ..... Taotrojan

Fapping Joy,s

This gorgeous twink gives a nice fap session to enjoy. Beautiful cum shots.


Cumshotheaven - Cock Spraying Boy

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Today's Mood on a High Erotic Charge.

This gets me so hot. Those great views of there cocks. Delicious boys.

So damn cute and beautiful bodies. A nice straight boner, completing the picture.

What a sublime sight here. Can't you just feel that cock inside of you now? That lovely semi limp cut cock, just hanging there nicely.

Angels of lust.

Just for the joy of there beauty, these three boys of erotic delight.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Law of Attraction Intention Manifestation

There is a state a consciousness where there is absolutely no whisper of thought or movement of any kind in the mind. The state is a stillness and silence upon which then, the dance of existence eventually takes place. In this state, the timeless, the eternal, the infinite, Truth is encountered. In this state burns the fire of intelligence. It does not allow desire to form. Desire simply cannot take birth, it is as if there is a no entry sign and desire is not allowed in. Desire, if it attempts to take birth, is immediately snuffed out. Highest intelligence and swift awareness stand guard.

Universal Laws

There is also the state, where the mind moves and desire takes shape, but if you are established in impersonal awareness, you are free of any compulsion of having to act upon the desire. By impersonal awareness, I mean you are residing in the awareness of the non-duality of Reality, as best you can. From this perch, you are the Master and can decide if, in fact, you will indulge in the desire or not. This is all fine and dandy but, what are you to do if you have many desires and are being driven by them? That is the focus of this article. What to do with your desires and how to manifest them if necessary. There are 4 key universal principles — rules, which govern the manifestation of desire and I will go into each of them below.

Rule #1: Get Rid of Frivolous Desires by Introspection,

Contemplation and Reasoning

The second vow that you take when you become a Zen monk or Buddhist practitioner (Bodhisattva Vows) is “Desires are inexhaustible, I vow to put an end to them.” So we acknowledge that desires are certainly an endless part of human existence, but having less desires is much better than having more desires. The objective of this vow is to move towards having fewer desires and the first step to take in making this progress is to thoroughly scrutinize the desires that you do have. By this power of scrutinization see if frivolous, immature, borrowed desires can simply be discarded using the power of intelligent reasoning. If the desire does not run strong and deep and is superficial in nature, extinguish it quickly and save your energy and time. Contemplate the results which the desire will bestow, reflect on your own experiences and study others who already have accomplished what you seek and be sure that what you have decided to chase is really worth it and is something you really, truly need. You don’t want to be old and gray and then realize you spent your whole life desiring and hoarding nothing but junk.

Rule #2: Align the Desire With Making Progress In Your Spiritual Evolution.

If possible, see if your desire(s) can be aligned with what you feel you need in order to make progress on the spiritual path. These are perhaps the only desires worth having and indulging. Asses your life and see what, if anything, is missing that would be beneficial to your spiritual evolution. If there is something your heart tells you you need, allow that desire to take shape and ask the Universe for it. In this way, see if the desires you do feel strongly about can be adjusted to help you in your spiritual growth. Such desires are beneficial as they are helping you achieve the Highest Purpose of Human Life — discovering the True Nature of Reality. Such requests will certainly be heard by the Universe. 

Rule #3: Align the Desire For the Greater Good of All.

If you are keen on the Universe Manifesting your desires, see if you can align your desires for the greater good of others. Such desires will be powered not only by your mind and heart but also, by the others who it is benefiting. The Universe is more apt to acknowledge such requests.

Rule #4: First Deserve Then Desire.

This is the most important rule of all if you want your desires to manifest. You have to ask yourself, “Do I really deserve what I am asking for?” Have you done your part? This rule will be validated repeatedly by your life. Pour yourself into something you are passionate about, devote yourself to it and give all you got, the results will follow on their own. You will hardly even have to desire the results, they will simply start to flow. You must find out the truth of this for yourself by application. Determine what you really want, chances are it will be achievable by doing what you really love to do. Then give yourself to that work, the desires will start to manifest themselves. Just sitting around desiring this and that is silly. One additional thing that you will start to notice is that the doing part is almost as much fun, if not more, than the getting part. Once you get to that point, life flows naturally and becomes a great work of art.

Summary of 4 Laws to Manifest Desires:

So there you have it. The 4 Key Universal Rules for manifesting your desires. To summarize, desires that are strong, spiritually oriented, beneficial to others and which you have worked hard to realize are the one’s that the Universe is most likely to help with. 

If you must indulge desires, these are the ones that you should seek to manifest. I will mention here briefly one more point. The Universe is very generous and she will give you what it is that you are seeking in some form at least, its just that there is always a price to pay to settle the transaction. So if you are going to get into the business of desires, follow the rules above. This way you will be spending your life and energy wisely, instead of getting stuck closing those transactions which were not of great benefit to you anyway in the long run. 

If possible, go after the state of desirelessness — it is an actual state, not imagined or hypothesized, else, see if you can maintain an impersonal view to the desires that spring up in consciousness, finally, if you choose to indulge a want see if it can meet the rules outlined above. I wish that you get all that your heart truly desires.

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Beauty of the Butt

Here a collection of some of the hottest asses around. So get ready to get a boner boys.

Sunday, February 2, 2020

A Boy of Sublimity

This guy has been flogged around the net for some years now.
Here is a tribute to this beautiful creature.

Yes, you all know him!!

Is he not an Angel??