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Monday, October 8, 2018

Play Time for Boys - Part 1

Play Time for Boys is a nine part series, of boys devouring one another for there lustful juices and hard on,s. It’s wild and beautiful, It’s loaded with erotic energy that must be shared with there bro,s. Craving for each others cocks, as they join to become one with each other. Worshiping cock is a true love of male sublimity, that is every males right to be able to enjoy.

Appreciation of each others body's as they tease one another into a lustful state.

Beautiful body's in play enjoying each others erect members and being in the moment. We all have fantasie's, may we truly experience them one day. 

One after another they work each other into a sublime state.

These beautiful oiled cocks are wel into a state of pleasing the other.

A wonderful show of lust as this bro is totally pleasured to the limit.

Subtle and beautiful they love and play with each other. Slowly going into it. It is a love for each others cock. To please and share.

This gorgeous shaft is being wonderfully held as its straight length leads to his bulbous cock head. That beautiful body just slump't back to tack it all. How beautiful this scene is. 

Two cocks pointing up wonderfully erect and full. True Alpha males together preparing for the finale stage of erotic play.

Such grand position here with the two. Brings a feeling of  softness to there moves. There gentle passion for each other is beautiful to see. The hand just under his balls and that leg just between his legs. So erotically loaded.

Wonderful posture, arched back slightly to display that tummy. A delicious boner being beautifully pampered by his bro's lip's.

Keep an eye open for Part 2


  1. it's easy for us appreciate male eroticism. Great post.

    enjoy my last post:

  2. Damn just what i needed this morning

  3. I love watching as nice looking guys blow each other. Got to be at least 18 for my taste.