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Saturday, October 6, 2018

Young God's of Apollo - Part 1

Young God's of Apollo is an eight part serie's, displaying the erotic beauty of body and Phallus of the young male.

Enjoy the magnificent's of these beautiful boy's and there god like torso's.

Splurging us with there phallic organs of erotic beauty.

Emerging from the water, we behold a phallic god.

His loyal friend bewondering him, in his own erotic state.

Thinking of what he will do when his two friends arrive. Already getting aroused.

Meanwhile this god is preparing for some lustful play enjoying his own beauty in the mirror.

Yes my erotic jewel of lust, we are ready to indulge in deep sexual play.

You are the one chosen for the daily feast.

Orpheous needs to be relieved of his deep erotic feelings and is offering it to be released.

I am ready to serve my mentors.

When we are set free we are going to make them drool from there cocks.

Will I pass the test for the festive day of cock worship.

A display of dominance to his fellow cock worshipers. He is the one chosen to open the feast.

It is time to get ready for the opening.

Let the festivity's begin.


  1. great, exotic and erotic pics and story line.

  2. Orpheus's masculinity squirter a particularly good one. Masculinity in men, in their physiques is what arouses me.