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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Theo Blaze - Part 1 of 4

Theo Blaze

A true specialist in erotic art.
His work is so unique, in that his art is almost an image of a photo.

His imagination here, depicts what we, the most of us, either want or have done.

It’s colorfully made to immaculate detail.

True shades of the body texture’s and very recognizable feature’s.

Such as body and face.

I truly love this man’s work,

and thus this tribute to him.

Enjoy further.

This artists work is a four parts post, as there is too much for one post.
Next to come - part two


  1. He seems to love Justin Bieber so much!

  2. Beside his attention to detail, the colors are so perfectly melded and fitting of the mood he creates in each one. The other thing I really like about his work is that it is instantly recognizable as his.

    Thanks for posting! I look forward tot he next installments.