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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

50 ways to love yourself:

Hi followers! Found an article on the net over self-love. Just thought to share it with you all, as it does apply to all beings.

50 Ways to Love Yourself

By Troy Erstling

Loving yourself is hard work. Takes commitment. It’s uncomfortable. Requires swallowing the bitter medicine.

Especially for men, the concept of self-love does not come naturally to us.

Even if it doesn’t come naturally, we can still learn it. We can work on, and get better at, loving ourselves. To help you on your journey, I created a list of ways to love yourself.

Whenever you’re in need of some self-love, here’s what you can do.

Here’s 50 ways to love yourself:

1. Take yourself on a romantic date

2. Eat a healthy meal

3. Cook a healthy meal

4. Eat something indulgent and delicious

5. Drink more water

6. Give yourself a spa day

7. Get a massage

8. Bubble bath or Epsom Salt Bath

9. Light some scented candles/Aromatherapy

10. Sauna

11. Shower and massage yourself like you’re on Ecstacy

12. Manicure/Pedicure (Men – Pedicures are AMAZING!!!)

13. Take yourself to the movies

14. Buy yourself a gift

15. Listen to music

16. Read a book

17. Draw a picture

18. Make some art/get creative!

19. Build something with your hands

20. Color/paint something in

21. Dance

22. Sing

23. Play music

24. Laugh

25. Smile

26. Learn a new hobby

27. Meditate

28. Take 10 deep breaths (or more)!

29. Meditate on gratitude for your five senses

30. Meditate on gratitude for your organs

31. Meditate on love for your family

32. Meditate on love for your friends

33. Meditate on love for the whole planet

34. Visualize your dreams and imagine you’ve already accomplished them

35. Do yoga/Stretch

36. Exercise/Do something physical

37. Hug and kiss yourself when you wake up in the morning/before you go to bed at night

38. Thank yourself 

39. Tell yourself that you love yourself

40. Tell yourself you love and accept all of your flaws

41. Practice forgiveness for a difficult past experience

42. Voice yourself to someone with who you have a bad relationship with

43. Act like a child

44. Do the weirdest thing you can do

45. Scream at the top of your lungs/Roar/Yawp

46. Grunt and make weird noises

47. Punch something (safely) – it’s good to let the aggression out!

48. Break something (safely) – it’s good to let the aggression out!

49. Stomp up and down and bang on your chest

50. Masturbate 

That’s it!!! Now go out there and love yourself as thoroughly as you can!!!!






  1. A neighbor must have seen this...loud, long yells last night for about 5 minutes. Voicing and releasing frustration I would imagine.