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Friday, May 14, 2021

Solo? Or Partner?

There is nothing like seeing a beautiful hard cock, before you. The smell! The taste! The smoothness of the head, as it's in your mouth! Tasting that precum, as it oozes out of his cock head. Taking his load of male seed as it is purged out of his beautiful boner. It’s lovely jacking a cock and giving so much pleasure to someone. As you give, you may also start oozing lube from your dick. Or that feeling when two cocks rub against each other, fantastic!!

Receiving is also a high when all these lovely things are done to you. All guys want sex and love cock, it's a fact! A bond between naked bodies touching one another is so wonderful. Whether it's a relationship or just for sex, it's a need to unite with another. A bonding that's part of our natural being as a male.

It misses certain things though!

Control over yourself of how far or quick you get to that peak. Receiving often misses the fine things, as your partner does not know your erogenous places.

Is it done too fast or hard!

You are constantly conscious of your partner and he of you. This is a sort of distraction.

You want to please him, and he you. You play scenarios in your mind, thinking of what to do next.

Is he tired today, is he enjoying your attention? Am I doing it right?

All these things drain energy away from your inner self when having sex.

I’m not saying don’t do it! Just spend some time regularly on yourself! It's just another part of your sexual awareness that takes you more deeply inside.

I’m not talking about a quick fap in the shower before work or bed, NO WAY!

Self-pleasuring is an art that when done is completely about you!

Each time you will discover that new place on your body, that sends you into orgasmic bliss.

Every little crease of skin on your dick is a place to visit and to ad, to all the other spots that get you off.

It lets you unwind, as you dive inside your true self. Feeling the limits of how far you can go, in this orgasmic journey.

Hold that hard erotic staff of engorged flesh in your hands and feel the heat and energy emulating out into your hands.

As you hold the shaft with one hand, place the other hand on your chest or stomach, making a union between the two. Creating a cycle of energy that is brought to the rest of the body. Breath deep and slow, as you bring yourself to each level of ecstatic bliss. Ride those gorgeous orgasmic waves as you travel up and down your whole body, being totally soaked in sensual energy that carries you through to when you want to stop. Cum if you want! But better to not, as the energy is lost. This is not about cumming! It's about a total body feeling, that can go on for hours if you want.

Feeling it in your legs, balls, stomach area, chest, and head. Staying in that feeling! If you cum, it subsides, until you revive. Even if you are not erect! You can still be rewarded as you play your beautiful jewels, by being gentle and being open to discover.

Afterward, lay back, arms at the sides, and let all those sexual vibrations travel around you. Be aware of it as you breathe gently. Be aware of it traveling up and down from your genitals up to your crown, and letting it recede back down to your jewels.

It's an orbit of orgasmic energy! 

Total erotic bliss!

May you all Love yourselves to the max.


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