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Index page Mindful Masturbation General

Masturbation, freedom of expressionSexual EnergyYour Arousal
The stages of erectionDifference of multiple,whole-body orgasmsBecoming a Mufti-Orgasmic
Self-Pleasuring and Self-CultivationLearning to Control EjaculationControl you're sexual energy
The erogenous bodyCharging Up Your BatteriesThe Ascension of Sexual Energy
The Benefits of Masturbating with a MirrorCause and effectFocus control
The Phallus 2It's time to change habits, boy'sBreathing discipline
EjaculationFlashlightThe sexual animal inside us
Masturbation a Freedom of ExpressionLove yourselfSeven habits to break in masturbating
Becoming a master masturbatorWhy is sex sacred?Awareness of the penis
The Creative AttitudeSkinning-backHow to train you're penis.
Becoming A Man of SteelFloating in a universe of blissMasturbation
Masturbation shows us that life is beautifulPermanent SexualWorshiping the divine through genital play
Embrace your full humanity!The wisdom of the penisMy penis is not dirty, it's sacred!
Our body has got atomic energy Why Is the Penis Shaped Like That?Progeny and pleasure
Sex and MeditationThe Reason 21% Of Straight Men Watch Gay PornReverence for the penises,testicles we admire
Self Love Percentage,Straight, Gay Porn, Surprise You Health benefits of Sperm
We Come From a Long Line of Manscapers 1What makes an attractive penis?The laying on of hands
We Come From a Long Line of Manscapers 2All you have to know about SpermImprove Your Flavor
Appreciating Beauty or Just Plain Ol' Lust?Four Ways Of Increasing The Quantity Of SemenLaw of Attraction
What attracts people to each other?Beauty and what you perceive asMale Sexual Fantasies and Masturbation
Masturbation Meditation6 Reasons You Should Sleep NakedMasturbate Before Work Every Morning
Masturbation, Sexy Meditation AlternativeThe Little DeathFinding the Way - Oop.s
Discreet and continuous multiple orgasmsWhen to StopIntegrating sexual energy into your life
Multiple Orgasms for Men?Let Your Erection Decrease Every Twenty MinutesPower and sexuality
Sex and AgingTeaching Our SonsSharing Taoist sexuality with our sons
The cycles of your desireYour relationship to your sonSexuality, Secrecy, and the Tao
Mindfully Masturbating, Modern Terms.How to MasturbateHow to Talk Dirty Without Being Dirty-part 1
The True Qualities of the Erect PenisStraight Guys Turned On By PenisUse Your Voice to Turn On -part 2
Masturbation Is Not ONLY Natural...Tantric Twitch Kundalini Vital ForceLingam Whispering and the Art of Sex
The Art of Self-PleasuringAnatomy of the LingamAddiction vs Mastery
The Hero's JourneyHealthy Masturbating,sThe Seven-Jeweled Phallus :- Bruce. P. Gether
Feeling that Lustful Sexual Energy

The Honeycake SuttaMy Dear Phallic Brother…
Fapping with MindfulnessMale OrgasmsMasturbation Rebellion
Mindful Sex & Meditation - Part One Is masturbation, just getting it off?Genital-Reflexology
Your Wonderful Foreskin.................The difference of multiple,whole-body orgasmsWorshiping the divine through genital play.
We Come From a Long Line of Manscapers 1  Penis Pleasure!The Penis Pioneers!