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Thoughts and Thinking

Thoughts and Thinking, a Way of Life

Time in NatureLiving With KindnessThe miracle of being here
Don Juan,s Monk,s , and Multi Orgasmic Worm'sThe MANTRA of awareness (perception)Less conflicted with others, less conflicted within yourself
Think we have TimeTo Speak and Be HeardBeing Out in the Open
Make love not war, with yourself or partnerSix Healing Sounds of Chinese MedicineOptimize Your Brain Awaken Full Potential With Meditation
My ThoughtsA Feeling (crap) MeditationSeeing experience as a movie
Less ConflictedPeace is right here, right nowThe Six Element,s
Peace is right here, right nowWhere is you're heart, really?If you truly love yourself
Letting happiness happenPreventing thought'sTurn toward the fire, and enter, confident
Four steps to self-empathy and self-kindnessHealing the Wounded MasculineThe third arrow
You do not need to be ashamed of being imperfectThe gift of a compassionate “no”This one small shift can help you be more at peace
From fear and denial to love and acceptanceIs masturbation, just getting it off?Seven tips for people who struggle with lovingkindness practice
My Dear Phallic Brother…Liking yourself is not the antidote to hating yourselfNavigating the culture of outrage
Overcoming resistance to meditationThe Wisdom of Not UnderstandingSeven meditative techniques to help you fall asleep
Phallic PowersMindfulness, step by stepThe Son and the Farther of All Things!
Want Ecstasy, Put Your Attention On “This”The self-compassionate way to get things doneThe Library of God – A Zen Story
Creating the WorldMaster Desire and Master LifeA Genuine Act of Self-Love
The-true-beauty-of-your-phallusMasturbation is Constant Creation!Law of Attraction Intention Manifestation

Penisis the Path of Peace! True meaning of life Truth of Perfection through Meditation 
Waking to my Wood Cultivate Penis Power! Penis Worship = Phallic Brotherhood!
Eliminate Negative ThinkingStop Worrying About the FutureA Guided Tour into Mindfully Masturbating
Live in Penis ParadiseVeil Lifted: Phallus Revealed!Truth of Perfection through Meditation
The Purpose of the PenisErotic HypnosisNature Helps Us Overcome Loneliness and Find Happiness
The Penis is a Portal!What is Self Love?Love isn’t what you look for; it’s how you look
Pure Penis Pleasure is RegenerativeThe Eightfold Path A Tool for Living at a Time of CrisisPenis Paradise = Heaven on Earth!
Masturbation Reaches New Heights With SoundUncontrollable Gay Sex FantasiesBeauty of Nature-helps us Realize our True Nature
Why Not Live in Penis ParadiseIn a BoxRemember Who you Are!
Sexual MeditationA Love AffairSeven Best Meditation Techniques
The Word Gay! InterestingA Solution or Remedy for your FeelingsSource of Happiness!
Your Sexual Energy and FantasiesCreating your Peaceful Sanctuary, a Meditative FantasyFinding Peace
Transforming Unhealthy, Bad Relationships50 ways to Love YourselfA Masturbation Meditation
Wonderful LustThe Kingdom of Penis