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Welcome to Index page Mindful Masturbation Technique,s

Breathing Technique's
Belly BreathingTesticular Breathing1 Minute stress buster
Drawing energy up with a scrotal massageReverse kegel Breathing (Meditative Kegels)Drawing you're cool sexual energy up
The Cobra BreathTechnique to Raise Sexual EnergyDrawing you're energy down
THE TECHNIQUE OF HONG-SAUMeditative Reverse Kegel'sControl Sexual Energy - Cool Draw - Big Draw
Muscle Training Technique's
Strengthening Your Sex MusclesThe Abdominal FlexEdging Exercises
The Kegel (cock crunch)The SqueezeReverse Kegel,s
Fragmented Urination,Controlling ejaculationLotus seated, Kegel exercise.Front Kegel Exercise
The Deer ExerciseHeel to Perineum ConnectionAre you doing your Kegels?
Vajroli Tantric Yoga Technique, Sex ChakraDaily Exercises for the PC Muscles, Part 1Daily Exercises for the PC Muscles, Part 2
Techniques for a Strong Erection, Part 1Techniques for a Strong Erection, Part 2Techniques for a Strong Erection, Part 3

General Topics
Methods to Increase Virility, Part 1Becoming a master masturbatorThe Mental Control of Ejaculation
Methods to Increase Virility, Part 2Finding you're sexual energy, the first timeMental Power To Enhance Your Penis.
Enhance Your Virility, Part 1Yoga posture,s to stimulate sexual energy.The Strong as Steel Kegel Exercise Program
Enhance Your Virility, Part 2TESTICLE MASSAGEThe Penis of Steel Formula
Shoot Like A Porn Star!, Other Tips and TricksIntimately Play with a Soft PenisMorning and Night
A typical sexual encounter.A Meditative Masturbation - Garden of Eden.The PG pump
How to Talk Dirty Without Being Dirty-part 1"Turn toward the fire, and enter, confident." Binaural Beats, What is that? Part One
Use Your Voice to Turn On - part 2Keeping your Balls FitBinaural Beats,Part Two
Cock Techniques Foreword

What do you do with your Sperm?On a Low?
Cock TechniquesTaoist Sexual MeditationMasturbation through Mindfulness

Group Masturbation
Special Series
Sexercise Forewords - instructional posts.Sexercise Part 3  Part 4 Part 5Sexercise Part 6
Sexercise Part 1Thing of BeautySexercise Part 7
Sexercise Part 2
Mindful Sex & Meditation - Part One
Experiencing Sex as a MeditationOrgasmic-BreathingMindful Sex & Meditation - Part Two
Sensorial Meditation for Lovers

A Guided Tour into Mindfully Masturbating
Here's Why Masturbation Counts As Meditation, Even If You Don't Climax.Mindful Sex & Meditation - Part Three